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World Wide Cargo Services Air Freight Forwarding Services, Freight Forwarding Services Air Freight Forwarding Services, Freight Forwarding Services  
World Wide Cargo Services
Services we offer
We handle each of the consignments with the same level of care and commitment.
Our extensive network of associates and agents worldwide makes us deliver a wide range of air freight services marked by efficiency and timeliness.
World Wide Cargo Services
Full container load, less than container load and also RO/RO on the shipment of cars. We ensure fast customs clearance and standard services.
World Wide Cargo Services
We aim to alleviate the worldwide logistical programmes through our dynamism, potency and expertise.

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Our Services

World Wide Cargo Services, a preeminent logistics provider, covers a wide range of services including international freight forwarding and any other logistical solutions. We offer consolidation of any kind of cargo across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia(KSA) and the world. Our global network and professional team members along with a superior industry standards provide a strong and secure base for all the logistical requirements and needs of the client and to top it up with insurance cover. As a member of several international professional associates we are able, at all stages of your movement, to call upon the best packing agents throughout the world.
Our ambit of services includes :

Air Freight Forwarding
With a comprehensive range of air freight services, we offer consolidations and back to back and also chartering of aircraft as and when required. On volumetric consignments, you can also avail of discounted rates. We boast an extensive network of agents that makes us able to provide secure, efficient and timely delivery of freight. The vast number of destinations covered by us and the large volumes handled by us enable us to consolidate direct containers to specific locations which in turn enables us to control transit time and cost. We provide efficient inward and outward consolidation service to exporters and importers. We ensure that there is no mid-point break bulk so that possible chances of mishandling can be avoided. The alacrity with which we work shows our ability to handle fragile and sensitive shipments. We have a committed network of integrated air and ground services that enables us to handle from pick up to prompt delivery.

Sea Freight Forwarding
From groupage (Less than a Container Load) shipments to full container loads, we offer you cost efficient sea freight services. We strive to take utmost care of your containerized goods and project shipments. Our worldwide network of associates and agents makes us lead the industry providing quick and hassle free services.

Experience is what sets us apart from other similar service providers. We have an entire family of products to suit a variety of needs. Add to it fast transit periods, optimum prices, prompt arrival and departure and you have a reliable sea freight service that provides solutions to almost all your needs. We have clearly defined processes in place which gives you reliability as well as saves costs and gives you that elusive thing that you've always yearned for ... peace of mind.

Port Handling Services
Port Handling Services, Freight Forwarding ServicesOur port handling services include discharge and loading of bulk, bagged, container/ project cargo dangerous goods. We take care of the entire operation of loading/unloading at ports and ensure a swift handling and delivery of all kinds of cargo including dry/ liquid cargo, dangerous goods/over dimensional cargo and ammunition cargo for various defense establishments all over the country.

Chartering Services
With us, you can also avail of our excellent chartering of vessels and aircrafts whether you need them for personal use or for relocation of your prized cargo. We offer full and part-charters, voyage/ time charters and air charters/ helicopters. We remain connected with the best and the biggest vessel owners world wide with a network of associates all across the world.

We have dedicated a separate group of workforce to handle your chartering needs. We operate according to your own personal schedule and assure you of comfort and safety. We cover many and varied destinations including those that are less frequented by other firms. Our client list includes the who's who of corporate world.

Custom House Broking
Being one of the largest Customs House Agents, we provide you expedited service as well as record keeping and duty payment. We serve as an interface between the importer/exporter and Customs. We have professionals working for us who ensure that you don't face any hassles while you are going through your routine work. This group of professionals expedites the release of your shipment from virtually any terminal in India through local expertise and information processes.

Project Movement
Handling of any kind of over dimensional cargo by sea/ air is also taken care of. We have handled erections/ dismantling of projects/sites and stuffing/ loading/ freight forwarding anywhere in the world. We've also had the opportunity to handle relief supplies to the trouble torn areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We also specialize in exhibition cargoes and moves on CARNET.

Packing and Moving Services
We know that staying ahead is no more a matter of choice, it's a compulsion. Therefore you need a service which understands your deadlines, security and safety needs. We serve the corporate relocation needs efficiently whether they are domestic or international. Even the household goods are handled with the same professionalism because we expect ourselves to perform with the same degree of excellence, every time.

We have developed a personalized approach towards door to door moving and relocation of a variety of goods. Our expert team members and staff extend secure and untroubled packing and moving of your belongings throughout KSA and all over the world. Besides being secure and safe, we are also cost efficient and guarantee satisfaction. The relocation solutions offered by us are simple, cost effective and quick. We are one of the most trusted and reputed names in the movers and packers industry and have been attending for long to major embassies and MNCs.

Air & Road Transportation (Domestic)
We strive to extend standard services across vast distances and through rough terrain all across KSA. Our motivated staff and our expertise in the industry always keep us on schedule by road. We provide relocation and movement of both of bulk and containerized goods. We offer a variety of transport solutions, be it groupage or other transport services such as part and full load shipments by road, railways or a combination of two.

Through Bill of Lading
We provide door to door service/ air and sea container movement across the continents.

Air Freight - Export / Import
We specialize in export/ import consolidation of commercial/personal cargo/project cargoes. You can avail of our services at affordable prices as we offer the best rates internationally. Combined with the road transport service that we have access to, we can offer you hassle free delivery anywhere in the world. Although the service is global in outlook, the staff on the ground deeply understand the local realities which helps us in giving you the best possible service.

Documentation / Customs Clearance
Documentation/ customs clearance and all related paper work associated with the clearance of cargo-inbound and outbound( IMPORT/EXPORT) cargo is also provided by us. We handle normal/project /hazardous/door to door moves/relocation services/transfer of residences/car/wagon/aircraft clearances- if you are a budding airline come to us for clearance of your aircrafts. We specialize in clearance of goods across the Indo-Pak border by road and local handling.

Consultation Services
Consultancy is also a part of our domain of services. You can have all your queries answered regarding export, import, excise, customs, benefits and the overall procedures. The consultation services are available at a cost and the same would have to be transferred to our bank account ( Info available on request).

We have an excellent record of past performances in the consultancy field. We are pleased to offer you a one stop solution to all your needs related to export, import, excise, customs etc by giving you access to consolidated knowledge, specialization as well as resources that are available with us.

We offer you services in these sectors on account of the vast experience and expertise that we have gathered over the years. At the same time, we are also open to your suggestions and feedbacks to improve our services further.

Insurance Services
Air Freight Forwarding Services, Freight Forwarding Services Insurable Interest
When the goods are lost or damaged and the owner of the goods (i.e. the title holder in the goods) suffers a loss, fails to realize an expected profit, or incurs liability from the loss or damage, the owner (the title holder) is deemed to have an insurable interest in the goods. When the exporter delivers the goods, the insurable interest in such goods transfers at the point and time where the risk shifts from the exporter to the importer, as determined by the international commercial terms used. For example, the point and time where the risk shifts in:

The time the insurable interest transfers from the exporter to the importer is, technically, the time the exporter endorses the specific policy or the insurance certificate to the importer, as the case may be. The insurance certificate bears the open policy number of the exporter and, like in a specific policy, the claim agent at port of destination and that claim payable at destination are also indicated. The importer relies on the specific policy or the insurance certificate and the supporting claims documents as proof that the goods have been insured and that he/she has the insurable interest in the goods when filing for insurance claims against loss or damage. In the trade terms DDU and DDP, the exporter is responsible for the risks up to the delivery of goods to the final point at destination (the project site or importer's premises usually), as such the insurable interest in the goods does not transfer from the exporter to the importer in the shipment. Some countries may require that the import and/or export shipments be insured with their national insurance companies.

Standard Cargo Insurance

Three Basic Policies (in the Old Cargo Clauses)

Institute Cargo Clauses (All Risks)
The term All Risks is misleading as not all the risks are covered. The All Risks (A.R.) is the broadest form of coverage commonly encountered in exporting. It covers all risks of physical loss or damage from any external causes irrespective of percentage. If the assured wishes to be covered against the risks of war, strikes, riots, and civil commotions, the insurer deletes the exclusions in the Institute Cargo Clauses and endorses the special clauses, that is, the Institute War Clauses and Institute Strike Clauses, on the insurance policy and the assured pays an additional premium.

Institute Cargo Clauses (With Average)
The With Average (W.A.) is sometimes called the With Particular Average. In insurance parlance, the word "particular" means partial, and the word "average" means loss. As such, the words "with average" and "with particular average" mean including partial loss. The With Average (W.A.) is a less inclusive form of coverage than the All Risks. It covers against total loss and partial loss caused by the perils of the sea (i.e., the vessel has been stranded, sunk, burnt or been in a collision with other vessels or external substances other than water, such as ice), jettison of cargo, barratry (i.e. negligence, fraud or wrongful acts of the ship's master and/or crew resulting in injury or loss to the ship's owner), and other like perils. The partial loss, however, is subject to a franchise being written into the policy. The percentage of franchise can be 3% (or other percentage as specified) of the value of the shipment as agreed between the insurer and the assured. If the loss is less than the indicated franchise of 3% (or other percentage as specified) the assured cannot claim the loss. However, if the loss is equal to or more than the indicated franchise, the assured can claim the loss in full amount without any deduction from the insurer. Instead of a franchise the insurer and the assured may agree on an excess (deductible). The percentage of excess can be 3-10%. If the loss is equal to or less than the indicated excess, the assured bears the loss, that is, cannot claim the loss. However, if the loss is more than the indicated excess, the assured can claim the loss minus the deduction of the percentage of excess specified. In other words, the assured will always shoulder a percentage of the loss regardless of the amount of the loss.

Institute Cargo Clauses (Free of Particular Average)
In insurance parlance, the words "free of" mean the insurer (the insurance company) is not liable for whatever follows the words "free of". The words "particular average" mean partial loss. As such, the words "free of particular average" mean excluding partial loss. The Free of Particular Average (F.P.A.) is the narrowest form of coverage. It covers against total loss. When partial loss is specifically covered in the policy, it is recoverable from the insurer only if the loss is the result of the carrying vessel being stranded, sunk or burnt, on fire, or in collision.