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World Wide Cargo Services
Services we offer
We handle each of the consignments with the same level of care and commitment.
Our extensive network of associates and agents worldwide makes us deliver a wide range of air freight services marked by efficiency and timeliness.
World Wide Cargo Services
Full container load, less than container load and also RO/RO on the shipment of cars. We ensure fast customs clearance and standard services.
World Wide Cargo Services
We aim to alleviate the worldwide logistical programmes through our dynamism, potency and expertise.

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Company Profile


Offering comprehensive door to door relocation services with a personal touch throughout KSA and the world, World Wide Cargo Services is one of the nation's most experienced logistics and supply chain management companies. We focus on your profitability and risk reduction. We also have the distinction of being the best custom house agents in Jeddah. With decades of experience to boast, we serve our clients with extreme earnestness and commitment.

Our headquarters being located in Jeddah. We also undertake break bulk chartering of vessels at all major Indian ports. Our efficiency combined with global networking facilitates well organized and co-ordinated activity. What gives us an edge over our counterparts is a well established network of associates across all the cities and at all the major ports of the world.

World Wide Cargo Services, a preeminent logistics provider, covers a wide range of services including international freight forwarding, air freight - export / import, chartering services, custom house broking, insurance services, packing and moving services, port handling, project movement and other logistical solutions. We offer consolidation of any kind of cargo across KSA and the world. Our global network and professional team members along with a superior industry standards provide a strong and secure base for all the logistical requirements and needs of the client and to top it up with insurance cover.

Abdul Qadeer Siqqiqui has been leading the company towards its ultimate goal. His extensive cognition and expertise, has helped the company to conceive the essentials and prerequisites of the industry to provide a strong logistical support system all across KSA and the world.

Preliminary Planning
To ensure a hassle free service and 100% promptness, we organise a preliminary planning session with our esteemed clients. We discuss the requisites and demands with our clients to make sure that the relocation of cargo is done without any risk under the umbrella of insurance which is provided by us at a cost. And it's only after a detailed conversation with them that we start our operation. Therefore, the export and import consolidation of commercial, personal and project cargoes are ensured complete safety and security.

Our Infrastructure
Our headquarters and the associate offices are equipped with all the modern gadgets and our team members work 24*7 to find fast and easy solutions to all your logistical needs. Following strict safety standards and superior quality control, we pride in our professionalism and speedy execution of assignments. The dynamism and the potentiality that we set forth have made us able to operate anywhere in the world from the war torn areas of Afghanistan and Iraq to disaster struck areas in Pakistan.

From The Desk of MD

Dear Client,
Welcome to World Wide Cargo Services

It is a matter of immense pleasure to have you as our potential client. I would like to take the opportunity of introducing you to a wide range of logistical solutions and services in KSA as well as over the globe. With us, you can rely that your needs and cargo are taken care of with kids gloves.

Providing a strong logistical support system, we offer you an array of services that include chartering, customs brokerage, port handling, project management, consultation, insurance, documentation, customs clearance etc.

I take pride in the lasting association that we, through our loyalty and commitment, have generated with our clients. We regularly hold meetings with our officials to develop the standards of our services and to rid you of hassles while handling a consignment. You are always welcome to send you suggestions and comments, if any, to me.

Looking forward to having you as one of our eminent clients.